Digitale Volumen Tomographie
mit reduzierter Strahlendosis



  • 2011_DMFR_ArtefactsInCBCT-aReview_reprint.pdf 356,44 KB
    Schulze R, Heil U, Gross D, Bruellmann DD, Dranischnikow E, Schwanecke U, Schoemer E.: Artefacts in CBCT: a review. Dentomaxillofac Radiol. 2011 Jul;40(5):265-73.
  • MIC_2011_Valencia_abstract_submitted.pdf 1019,83 KB
    Ulrich Heil, Daniel Groß, Ralf Schulze, Ulrich Schwanecke and Elmar Schömer: Metal Artifact Reduction in X-Ray Computed Tomography: Inpainting Versus Missing Value. IEEE MIC 2011, Valencia, Spain
  • dvtGrundlagen.pdf 12,77 MB
    Grundlagen der Digitalen Volumentomographie - eine Einführung von PD Dr. Ralf Schulze
  • gpurecoSIAM2009.pdf 1,91 MB
    Groß, D.; Heil, U.; Schulze, R.; Schömer, E.; Schwanecke, U .; GPU-based Volume Reconstruction from Very Few Arbitrarily Aligned X-Ray Images; SIAM J. Sci. Comput. Volume 31, Issue 6, pp. 4204-4221 (2009)
  • registrationMedPhys2008.pdf 4,19 MB
    Schulze, R.; Heil, U.; Weinheimer, O.; Gross, D.; Brüllmann, D.; Thomas, E.; Schwanecke, U.; Schömer, E.; Accurate registration of random radiographic projections based on three spherical references for the purpose of few-view 3D reconstruction; Med. Phys.Volume 35, Issue 2, pp. 546-555, 2008
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